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Enter all your round info quickly on RoundTracker — or use our mobile app to sync all information from your golf round automatically.


Track and Record

Enter your round information on RoundTracker — your personal golf scorekeeper, or use our mobile app to track your round information automatically. Our app calculates all data from each of your shots and uploads to your profile instantly. We've taken the work out of inputting all the information from your round. Stat tracking has never been this easy.


Round TrackerTM

After completing a round, quickly input all your scores, putts and shot information to your profile.

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Automatic Stat SyncTM

Use our mobile app to sync all information from your golf round automatically.

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Drill Into Your Game

  • Scoring

    Best scores, worst scores and everything in-between

  • Putting

    Hone in on your one putts and start eliminating extra strokes

  • Greens

    Track Greens-In-Regulation and other elements of your short game

  • Fairways

    Fairways hit, shot distance and directional targets off the tee box

  • Recovery

    Find a hazard? See how you're performing after an errant shot

  • Individual Clubs

    With shot-tracking, see the performace of each club in your bag

How is your hole GPS information sourced?

We literally plotted every green, fairway, tee box and hazard for thousands of golf courses. We collected the geopoints for all the edges of each element on each hole. Wherever you're located on the map, the app knows if you're inside a fairway, green, or hazard. Other apps simply display a satellite image. That may look nice, but they can't offer the technology to pinpoint your position and automatically calculate stats. Only our meticulously mapped courses allow you to track and record the most accurate data.

  • Timeline

    Track your stats over time

  • Courses

    Examine your progress on specific courses

  • Hole Types

    Compare your history on par-3s, 4s and 5s

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