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How It Works

Golfbert helps golfers improve their game with amazing stat-tracking products. Enter your round information on your personal profile, or use the CaddyTracker mobile app. CaddyTracker can calculate all data from each of your shots and uploads to your profile instantly. We've taken the work out of inputting all the information from your round. Stat tracking has never been this easy.

Wait, how does CaddyTracker know I landed on the fairway?

We literally plotted every green, fairway, tee box and hazard for thousands of golf courses. We collected the geopoints for all the edges of each element on each hole. Wherever you are located on the map, the app knows if you're inside a fairway, green, or hazard. Other apps simply display a satellite image. That may look nice, but they can't offer the technology to pinpoint your position and automatically calculate stats. Only CaddyTracker's meticulously mapped courses allows you to track and record the most accurate data.

The Ultimate Golf Course Database

Learn before your play with our golf course database. We've plotted every green, fairway and hazard for thousands of courses. Research courses before you play with interactive hole maps, photos, tips, stats and more.