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How does CaddyTracker know where I am?

The CaddyTracker app uses an advanced GPS to identify your location on any course in our vast database. What sets CaddyTracker apart is its catalog of meticulously mapped courses. We've traced every edge of every fairway, green, hazard and tee box on every course in our database for unprecedented detail. CaddyTracker does more than locate you and your ball on the course to track distances. The detailed maps combined with the GPS allow golfers using CaddyTracker and Golfbert to track their games like never before.

How do CaddyTracker and Golfbert work together?

CaddyTracker records every shot, putt, distance, resulting lie and performance by club. After each round, CaddyTracker uploads and syncs results to your profile. A Golfbert profile compiles an array of statistics to analyze, evaluate and improve your game. Through your profile, you can track progress on a specific course or even a particular hole. The data gathered by CaddyTracker allows users to evaluate anything from stats on each club to recovery performance.

How do I find the courses available in my area?

Golfbert's greatest advantage is our growing database of detailed course maps from all over the United States. Before starting a round, search for your course from the CaddyTracker app and download the map in moments. Looking to play a new course? Prepare for your round by studying the map, analyzing statistics from other Golfbert users and reading comments and tips from the Golfbert community.

What if I can't find my course, or Golfbert doesn't have my course mapped yet?

We're working fast to map every course out there, but with over 15,000 golf course facilities in the Unites States alone, it takes time. If you would like to use the CaddyTracker App on a course we haven't gotten to yet, just let us know. Email us and we will give your course priority so you can get out on the course and record a round as soon as possible. In addition, if you don't want to wait, we also have an online tool where you can map the course yourself! Go to and map a course at any time.

On what devices can I use CaddyTracker?

CaddyTracker is available for a free download in the iTunes store for use on the iPhone. The app requires a Golfbert account to access the app features. The app will be available for other mobile devices shortly.

I'm a little confused on how to use CaddyTracker. Can you run me through it?

Absolutely. Our goal is to keep the app as simple as possible, so you can focus on your golf game. Here's a quick rundown of how to record a round using the CaddyTracker app:
  1. After signing in for your first time, you'll be taken to your 'Rounds' screen. This shows you every round you've recorded. Completed rounds are identified with a checkmark icon to the right. In progress rounds are identified with the number of completed holes to the right. Press the '+' icon at top top of the screen to add a new round.

  2. In the 'Courses' screen, you will see all the golf courses you've downloaded to your phone. Golf course data is extremely small and will not take up much space on your device, and you can download a course in mere moments. Press the '+' icon at the top of the screen to add a new golf course. You can find courses nearby your current location, or search for any course by name. Once you download a course, simply select the tee box you're using and head to the first hole!

  3. On the hole screen, you will notice a button that says 'Tee Off' in the upper left corner. Press this once to tell the app where you're teeing off from. It defaults to the tee box that was selected at the beginning of the round.

  4. Now tee off! Once you hit your tee shot, make your way to your ball. Press the 'GPS' icon at the lower left corner to pinpoint your location on the hole. The more often you press this icon, the more accurate reading you should get. GPS accuracy can be affected by obstructed views above or around you like trees or clouds. If you aren't getting a great reading, you can also touch any spot on the hole map to move your position manually. Once you're standing by where you hit your tee shot, press the 'Record Shot 1' button.

  5. As you can see, the app automatically calculates your shot distance, club used, resulting lie, and direction. This screen gives you the opportunity to adjust and add additional information like penalties and chip shots. Selecting 'chip shot' will exclude this shot from your distance stats. Press the 'Next Shot' button to proceed to your next shot, or the 'Finish Hole' button once you're on the green.

  6. The 'Finish Hole' screen allows you to enter any putts, confirm scores and penalties, and even add mulligans. If you're keeping scores for more than yourself, you can also enter your fellow golfers' scores and putts in this screen as well.

  7. One you finish all the holes on the course, CaddyTracker asks you to submit the round information to your profile on This is where you can really take advantage of all the data you just collected from your golf game. Press 'Yes' and check out all your stats at You can also submit all your completed rounds from the 'Rounds' screen on the app.

How accurate is the GPS Rangefinder?

The accuracy of the GPS rangefinder on your mobile device may vary. Most of the time you should see accuracy within just a few yards. Occasionally an obstructed view may cause the GPS to bring back less-accurate readings. For best results, press the GPS button two or three times in a row, and try to stand in an area where the sky above you is not obstructed by trees. If you're in an area with little or no mobile service, you can also touch any point on the map to place your position manually.

Is there a place on CaddyTracker to view my stats?

Yes! We recently added stat tracking screens to our CaddyTracker app. You can now drill into several stat categories right on the golf course, and filter down the results to a specific timeframe or course. If you have any additional ideas for us, please don't hesitate to Email us.

What social features are available on Golfbert?

At, golfers can organize their friends into Golf Buddy lists to share tips, talk shop or talk smack. Every Golfbert member earns points for submitting rounds allowing Golf Buddies to compare progress. Users can also track the performance of the Golfbert community at large. Want to see how you compare with other golfers on the ninth hole of your favorite course? Or how you're putting on the third? We have the answer.

Can I use CaddyTracker without Golfbert? Can I use Golfbert without CaddyTracker?

Yes, but the best way to track your game is to use them together. You can use CaddyTracker on the course without uploading to a Golfbert profile, but your scorecard and all the data you collected will not be available for later use. If you don't have a mobile device, you can enter your scores manually on, but scores alone don't tell the whole story of your golf game. Using CaddyTracker and Golfbert together is the best way to track, record and compare every detail of your game.
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