API Support

Please see our FAQ for immediate help with the API. If you need further assistance, please contact us below and we'll do our best to help.


Access to all golf courses

We offer access to all courses in the database if you're building an app or website for golfers across the entire United States. Email us at apisupport@golfbert.com for access to all courses.

Enterprise access

If your business requires larger amounts of API calls, we offer a Premier account with access to all golf courses in the database and preferred customer support. Email us at apisupport@golfbert.com for premier access.

Static data

We also offer the ability to purchase a single, static snapshot of our entire golf course database for a one-time fee, with the option to purchase annual updates as new golf courses are added and elements of existing golf courses are updated. We can further customize the data set to fit your business needs. Email us at apisupport@golfbert.com to inquire about static data purchases.